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Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey

9 Ekim has been providing work permit services for foreign employees as the most important part of relocation services since 1994. 9ekim is aware of the fact that quality of relocation services is gaining more and more importance day by day with the increasing inflow of foreign capital and has formed a professional team to provide consultancy services for work permit. We therefore have provided consultancy services to a good number of HR departments of international companies as well as  expats and their families to become a preeminent company in the sector.

As you can see in our references, we have the competency to provide work permit consultancy to expats who work for local and foreign companies as a result of our knowledge and experience gained with the work permit projects we carry out with HR departments of multinational companies  and cooperation we made.  Work permit and relocation service standards of 9ekim Group of Companies are guaranteed by ISO9001:2008 quality certificate.

9ekim generates special relocation solutions for HR departments taking the conditions peculiar to Turkey into account, therefore provides a different service from other companies. Some of the main differences are as follows:

• 9ekim is an Istanbul centered company which offers relocation and work permit services with its own professional team without outsourcing for your safety.

• We provide all of the relocation services required after obtaining work permit with our professional team.

• We provide services for first application to be made from Turkish consulates abroad with our multilingual team.

• Multilingual consultants of 9ekim are always available and we follow up the work permit application process and frequently report to HR departments. We elaborate and give priority to the processes of CEOs, executives and key personnel.

• Along with the high experience gained in work permit and relocation services, we have full membership to international relocation associations and federations.  (EURA and WorldwideERC).


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Relocation Services


We carry out the entire relocation process including that of official institutions (consulates, customs, security directorates, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) both inside and outside Turkey without outsourcing through our staff who have perfect command of legislation and different foreign languages. 9ekim is the one and only company which has ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certificate in its own field of business. A good many of expats who reside in Turkey or leave Turkey chose our firm, which provided them the best possible service.

Our company provides the relocation services to EFES PİLSEN of Anadolu Group. Please see our References to find out more.

Relocation services for foreigners

Our professional staff annually attends education seminars and conferences held by international relocation associations of which we are members. We cooperate with the human resources departments of international companies in order to ensure a smooth process preventing financial and emotional damage. We provide reliable services to expats and their families to prevent them from suffering the difficulties of being in a foreign country.

Our company is a member of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association subject to Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and accredited leading international relocations associations such as WorldwideERC, EURA, AMSA, IAM in the field of relocation and life services.

The relocation process generally begins with pre-arrival orientation. Legal and social aspects of life in Turkey are explained to the individuals and their families or HR department representatives by phone and/or e-mail. If the foreigner is coming to Turkey for employment, samples of documents and flowchart of work permit application procedure is posted to the customer by the manager of 9ekim. However, if the customer is coming to Turkey for the purpose of permanent residence, we describe him the necessary steps to obtain residence permit.

What’s more, the operation department managers of 9ekim travels to the countries of the customers in order to guide them when applying the documents at Turkish Embassy located in that country. Home search is carried out in line with the individual requirements of the customer. We present the real estate photos and descriptions before the live inspection. As a part of our relocations services, we assist you about the lease agreement signing. We search the best office for you and if required, we can also assist you with establishing a new company. On the day of arrival to Turkey, you are met at the airport by operation employees of 9ekim. We also organize post-arrival orientation, which consists of city tours as well as Turkish language and culture studies.

After you have found a suitable home, we complete all the necessary subscriptions for utilities like gas, water, electricity, phone, cable TV, internet connection etc. and every kind of services needed. We also help you with finding suitable furniture and house equipment upon request. You can also use our services for organizing handyman and weekly house-keeping. We care about your children as well and try to find the best school for them, located near your house and where education is given in your native language.

We provide a wide range of relocation services and these mentioned above are the only major issues. Our services does not end until the customer’s departure and we offer you on-going help. Deregistration may seem a complex process, but you can trust us that you will not feel that way.

Acquiring a work permit in Turkey

Work permit applications may be made inside or outside Turkey:

• Foreign citizens who reşide outside Turkey are required to apply to the relevant Turkish Consulate of his/her country of residence/citizenship.

• Foreigners who have a valid residence permit (valid for a minimum of 6 months, except for the residence permits for educational purposes) may apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

All foreigners, who would like to live and/or work in Turkey, have to get a residence permit. Those, who are to work in Turkey, are required to get a residence permit within one month following their arrival in Turkey and before the starting date of their work. Those, who are to live or stay in Turkey for more than the period outlined by visa or permitted by intergovernmental regulations, which is three months at most, have to get a residence permit.

Should you come to Turkey for long-term residence or working purposes, you are required to apply for a residence permit (ikamet tezkeresi) within 30 days following your arrival.

For long-term residence in Turkey, the applicant needs to submit the following documents to the local Police Department:

• 4 passport size photos
• Passport
• Photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the page with the applicant’s photo, the page stamped at the last entry, the page that indicates validity and expiry dates of the passport
• A bank statement or a currency exchange receipt testifying to an asset in the amount of USD 300 for each month

Documents required for application for a residence permit for work purposes:

• 4 passport size photos
• Passport
• Petition written on the company-titled paper
• Photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the page with the applicant’s photo, the page stamped at the last entry, the page indicating the validity and expiry dates of the passport
• The original and one copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Granting period:

The term of the residence permit is determined in regard to the regulations, the provisions of the contracts signed with foreign governments and especially with regard to the request of the applicant. The residence permit lasts for 5 years at most. The term may be shortened or extended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in compliance with the “reciprocity principle”. The residence permit can only be extended four times.

Outsourcing operations to relocation specialists

The term outsourcing describes the transfer of specific business functions to an external supplier, that is to say, companies specialized in providing them. HR departments of international companies are constantly obliged to make use of even more outsourcing by their tasks expanding day by day. Relocation services, which are provided to expats, have become and remain one of the prominent components within Human Resources Department’s operations to outsource.

Relocation is rather a complex process, which requires expertise in different areas such as work permits and visas, house hunting, contract management, immigration, tax and social security, administrative procedures. Therefore it is really difficult to be managed by human resources departments internally. The Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring a smooth integration process; however giving assistance for all the practical day-to-day issues may seem impossible due to the fact that they have their main works on which they have to focus. Therefore, human resources departments of companies prefer transferring relocation services required for their expatriates to an expert in this field, in other words, to a relocation services company.

On the other hand, relocation companies also would like to work with large companies which employ foreign personnel (expatriates). And the statistics also verify this fact, stating that the vast majority (approximately 90%) of clients of relocation companies are large and international companies and as a matter of course, contact person is HR department representative. This cooperation and outsourcing appear to be the most advantageous option for both parties. HR departments of foreign companies generally focus on their main business functions, as a result of which they are only concerned with the work performance of an expat who works in their company. So, the relocation services required by the foreign personnel are outsourced to a relocation company. And furthermore, it is aimed to cooperate with as many international organizations and their HR department’s representatives as possible by relocations companies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Relocation Procedures for HR Departments:

• It quickens the relocations process and provides an opportunity to the expats to get over adaptation process easier
• It enables corporations to focus on main functions, such as maximizing business operations, increase efficiencies, and reduce overall costs.
• By outsourcing relocation procedures, Human Resources Department managers avoid a great waste of time.
• Relocation experts are able to resolve the possible problems that can emerge during the relocation process more effectively than HR department representatives.

Tax Free Cars For Foreigners

You are in the right place in order to buy Taxfreecar®!

Foreigners having work permit in Turkey, foreign students, foreign retired persons who reside in Turkey, diplomatic persons or institutions…Hundreds of foreign people have become owner of 2nd hand and new cars without any problem and safely, without paying any tax during the importation, through our company up to now.

Our group companies, which work in coordination and cooperation, provide logistics services from A to Z. 9ekim is the first and still the single company in Turkey for full-scope, professional and corporate services about Taxfreecar®.

Cars, which are ordered from Europe and imported on behalf of customer in the stocks of Turkey, are checked by European executives of our company and after approval reports are received, importation is performed.

You can access REFERENCES of our foreign customers, who have bought car through order from our company during our professional background for 18 years, from written or oral sources in our web site.

There is a car according to your heart’s desire in our online galleries absolutely!

You can access details of cars in stocks in Turkey and Europe, in which was established for Taxfreecar® sales from foreigners to foreigners in 2000. It is possible to buy online cars which are advertised in SEARCH CAR IN DETAIL sections of our site. List of cars is updated every other day; updates are announced to site members through mailing regularly upon request. You can follow current situation of car for sale stocks in Turkey and in Europe via site.  All you need is to visit our site regularly and to check cars on sale.

I could not find the car, which I look for, in stocks, what should I do?

Enter features of the car, which you look for, into Order Form which you access by clicking the button of FIND MY DREAM CAR for cars which you could not find within cars for sale in our site. When the car, which you look for, is entered into the stocks, site will inform you automatically. If the car, which you demand and is supplied or proposed by the site, is a car supplied from abroad stocks, export invoice is issued in your name from Germany and then it is delivered to your address in 10-15 business days within the agreement guarantee issued by the registered office in Istanbul.

Many foreign-capital companies in Turkey have provided cars of their managers without any problem and safely owing to specialization of our company up to now:

Efes Pilsen, Coca Cola, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, Nova Nordisk, British Consulate, USA Consulate, Saudi Arabia Consulate, NATO, Levis and many foreigners who reside in Turkey have taken advantage of Taxfreecar® importation, customs and logistics services of 9ekim. You can access from here to REFERENCES of services provided by our company during its background for 18 years.

I want a more private car!

If you would like to buy a private car, for example Ferrari, Porsche, sports car or one of other luxury cars and you could not find it in the stocks of, our Specialist Car Purchase Staff in Germany become a part of such activity and then provide the car which you demand, from dealers of related branded car in Germany under the most appropriate conditions. Export invoice is issued in your name from Germany and then it is delivered to your address within the agreement guarantee issued by the registered office in Istanbul. Delivery time of the cars bought under agreement by selecting from European stocks is 10-15 business days. Our company has provided cars for managers of many foreign-capital companies in Turkey by this way up to now.

First of all, we recommend you to search the car, which you look for, in our stocks in Turkey and in Europe by using functions of SEARCH CAR IN DETAIL and FIND MY DREAM CAR in our site. If you could not get any result from here, you can contact with us and then you can use our option of a private car for you.

International Car Transport and Custom Service

International vehicle transportation content; in coming and going of cars ,, motorcycles, luxary car, SUV and 4×4 and vintage vehicles of land into and from Turkey , we provide professional service in international transportation by sea, and land and customs clearance since 1993.

Legal Counseling

9ekim provides legal counseling and advocacy services to foreign companies and foreign expats with solution partners in Istanbul and Mugla who know English, German and who are proficient with foreign expats law

Customs Consultancy

Our company, which is the first member of 9ekim Group of Companies, has been providing customs consultancy services to foreign trade companies since 1987.

We specialised in customs clearance related to international transportation of household goods, Taxfreecar® (also known as blue plate cars), permanent return and relocation processes in 1996 and have provided services as a licenced customs consultancy company to thousands of individuals and corporations through our multilingual professional team since then, therefore have gained a great experience. Especially all the services intended for the individuals are offered through our experienced multilingual staff within the authority of a licenced customs consultancy company without outsourcing. Commercial customs clearance is only considered on project basis if we receive demands for high capacity transactions. Requests for commercial customs clearance, except for those within temporary import with exemption, are conveyed to our business partner, a reliable customs consultancy company which only provides customs clearance services of commercial goods.

Please see CONTACT US to fill in the form to let us know your requests concerning commercial customs clearance for our executives to consider the relevant request.



1- Customs consultancy services for Taxfreecar®

Our company offers competent solutions for customs clearance and turn-key logistics of autos within temporary import system, known as Taxfreecar®, blue plate cars or MA plate cars, brought by foreign personnel, students or pensioners, consulate missions or members of NATO or press.  Our portal site is created to inform you about this matter. 9ekim is the solution partner of BORUSAN, distributor of BMW and Land Rover in Turkey, for customs clearance of Taxfreecar®

2- Customs consultancy services for export of household goods from Turkey

Our company performs customs clearance of household goods and personal effects within complete logistics services including packing, storage, inland or international transportation and portage upon request,  which is required when persons or families are departing from Turkey for duty or transfer reasons. We offer door-to-door service option for persons and families who would like their household goods to be transported from Turkey to America or Europe. Our company has a network of agencies to perform the same quality services all around the world, thanks to our membership to many international organizations. An agency of us, which possesses certain quality standards, performs logistics transactions completely and smoothly at the point of arrival, depending on our transportation method (by road, air or sea)

3- Customs consultancy services for household goods and personal effects of foreigners, who come to Turkey temporarily

Our company offers services for customs clearance of temporary or permanent import of household goods and personal effects with exemption from duty, which belong to foreign personnel, students or pensioners, consulate missions or members of NATO or press, as well as customs clearance of export of the goods, which has been imported temporarily. Relevant customs clearance services are performed by professional operation team that have perfect command of different foreign languages. Please see our REFERENCES to learn more about hundreds of internationally renowned individuals and corporations to whom we provided services.

4- Customs clearance of household goods and vehicles of NATO and consulate members

Our company offers customs clearance services for temporary import or export of household goods, personal effects and vehicles with exemption from duty, which brought along or later on by NATO and consulate members all around Turkey, also performs complete logistics services including packing, storage, inland or international transportation and portage upon request of the relevant mission. 9ekim is trustingly preferred and given reference by diplomatic missions of American Consulate.

5- Customs clearance of personal effects

Our company provides solutions for customs clearance of import or export of used or new non-commercial goods peculiar to personal use, brought along or later on by road, air or sea, smoothly in the quickest way.

6- Customs clearance of the goods within ATA carnet

We offer customs consultancy services for import, export and permanent import (upon request) of the goods which come into Turkey for fairs and organizations (concerts, F1 GTO races, competitions, events etc.) within ATA carnet.

7- Export of household goods from Turkey

Our company provides solutions for customs clearance of household goods of persons or families and diplomatic or army members, who are to leave from Turkey temporarily or permanently. We offer a complete and smooth service option including packing, portage, inland or international transportation with delivery to the customs or door. We have 20 years? experience in transporting household goods and personal effects.

8- Import and export of household goods and personal effects of diplomatic mission of consulates and embassies

Our company offers door-to-door services for household goods, personal effects and vehicles within declaration certificate to foreign consulates and embassies in Turkey as well as diplomats working in these units. Our company is given reference particularly by American Consulate and Saudi Arabia Consulate and has an experienced multilingual team to perform the relevant operations smoothly.

9- Customs consultancy services for import of special order new autos

Turkish citizens or foreign individuals or corporations settled in Turkey have the right to import any auto they may like by order from abroad provided that taxes are paid and the car is new (unused), regardless of whether there is distributor of it in Turkey or not. Our company offers customs consultancy services for new model unused cars to be imported from abroad.

10- Customs consultancy services for auto export from Turkey

Our company is specialised in customs clearance of vehicles to be sold or driven abroad by the owner, also offers complete transportation services all around the world. Individuals and corporations may get support from our company regardless of whether the relevant vehicle is personal or public.

11- Customs clearance related to entry to and exit of the cars registered on the names of those who reside abroad, as touristic car with triptyque

Our company performs the customs clearance of vehicles of tourists, who especially come to Turkey and would like to drive their car registered to their passport with triptyque, foreign pensioners and expats, who are living in Turkey, if they do not want to bring their car by driving personally. We may also provide services for international transportation of autos from anywhere in the world within international auto shipping services.

12- Customs consultancy services for import of antique autos

Turkish citizens or foreign individuals or corporations settled in Turkey have the right to import antique cars of 1974 model or below by order from abroad provided that they pay the taxes. Our company offers customs consultancy services for antique autos to be imported from abroad. We also perform complete transport services from anywhere in the world within international antique car shipping services upon request.

13- Customs consultancy services for pets

Our company smoothly and quickly completes customs clearance and obtains the necessary certificates of pets such as cat, dog or bird, which are to enter to or exit from Turkey along with the passenger.

14- Taking the pets out of the country/ International pets transportation

Our company performs customs clearance, obtains necessary certificates and organizes transport of pets to be taken out of the country along with the passenger. Customs clearance of the pets are performed without bruising the pet whatsoever in the quickest and most comfortable way.

15- Pre-feasibility cost calculation and written consultancy in customs services

9ekim is specialised in providing consultancy services within pre-feasibility and paid written report by current regulations. Related reports and pre-feasibilities are provided by the customs consultants of our company, who has 5 customs consultancy training and regulations books and many articles about customs regulations.

16- Customs consultancy services for abroad

Our company may provide customs clearance services of household goods and personal effects exported from Turkey at destinations abroad within door-to-door delivery system. We are highly experienced particularly in customs offices of Russian Federation and America. 9ekim is unrivalled in that it is the first company to have offered customs clearance services within door-to-door system in Turkey and remains the only customs consultancy company to provide this service. Door-to-door delivery system started in Turkey in 2006 with customs clearance of the executive, who was appointed to Moscow from Istanbul, of EFES PİLSEN of Anadolu Group, which has been working with 9ekim for many years. 9ekim offers safe and riskless logistics services for household goods and personal effects of executives and CEOs all around the world in similar situations.

17- Storage services

9ekim provides smooth storage services for reasonable prices with modern warehouses of service provider companies inside and outside Turkey. We provide professional high-end security services in our warehouses, which are built with high technology and has closed circuit security system.

18- Customs conflict services

Our company offers solutions as below for customs conflicts:

a) Preparation and follow-up of objections in the stage of administrative objection

b) Preparation and follow-up of lawsuit petitions in the stage of judgement

19- Training of the personnel of the relevant departments of companies

Our company provides briefing and training services to the personnel of human resources departments of companies, which employ foreign personnel, about relevant customs processes and follow-up

Pet Transportation Service

Our services include both pet import and export.


  • Informing your veterinary about the process.
  • Checking and confirming your pet’s health documents for validity in Turkey.
  • Receiving International Health Document from the Regional Agriculture Department.
  • Cargo reservation and document organisation.
  • Customs Clearance (entry to Turkey OR exit from Turkey).
  • Checking your pet’s cage standarts for suitability according to IATA rules (providing you a cage if you don’t have one).
  • Providing you with the details of the IPATA agency of your pet’s destination country.

International moving services

Transportation of Household Goods.

International transportation of household goods, which is a complex activity, is one of the essential points of international relocation. Transporting household goods from origin to destination requires a different experience than that of the commercial goods. You will indispensably need professional help in order to overcome the problems that may arise during the relocation process.

Transportation of personal effects requires knowledge and attention. The process may seem complex at first; however all you need to do is to find the correct service provider. 9ekim is just what you are looking for if you need international moving services in Turkey.

Automobile Transportation

International auto transport may seem a complex and tiresome process, however it will make it much easier for you to consider two major points: to find a competent auto shipping company and to choose the most economical service. We know that each car is special for its owner so perform the transportation in the same manner.

Storage and Warehouse Service

A warehouse is a commercial building used by customs, importers, exporters, manufacturers, transport businesses etc. for storing goods. Warehouses, designed for loading and unloading the goods directly from railways, airports or seaports, are mainly large buildings located in the industrial areas.

International Pet Transportation

The international transporting of pets a very different process and not to be considered a simple shipping operation. After all it is about living things. They are quite valuable for their owners and the transportation of pets should be meticulously performed.

Office Moving

We offer you efficient and quick solutions for moving your office. It is very important to ensure a smooth office moving process as far as work continuity is concerned. Office moving process is not only about loading and transporting. Our professional team considers every single detail during the office moving process for your convenience and labour productivity.

Artworks Transportation

It is a very specific and demanding issue to transport artworks for various purposes. It requires great knowledge, competence and experience to move these priceless works. It is inevitable to meet the international standards without fail for a smooth process.

Packing and Unpacking Service

Correct packing is one of the major elements of transporting process in order to ensure the goods not to be damaged at all, which is essential for the transportation to be a success. Packing is often more complex than it may seem. It is very important to select and provide the best materials in terms of measurement and strength. It is of great importance to protect your goods.

Loading and Unloading Services

Loading and unloading are considered the most precarious parts of transporting process. These operations need to be performed by experts using correct tools to ensure safety. Loading and unloading processes can be repeated a few times during transport and require excessive attention. It is the best solution to get assistance from a company for loading – unloading operations.

Fairs and Exhibitions Shipping

The fair and exhibition organizations are dynamic processes, therefore the transporting process of them also requires expertise, quickness and well-planning. Exhibitions may be held at various spots by a company during an organization, which leads to transporting processes to be repeated a few times.

Customs Consultancy

Complex processes of customs clearance are usually confusing and tiresome for non-experts. It makes it even harder for foreigners not to know the language spoken in the country. Furthermore, this causes a great waste of time.From time to time, there may be individual requests, so it would be reasonable to get assistance from a professional customs consultancy company.

Insurance on Request

One of the most crucial elements of the process of shipping is the insurance transaction. Insurance is a guarantee of the qualified transporting process. 9ekim professionally considers all insurance demands from clients as well as transporting service. Our insurance services are being developed completely in line with customer requests.

Other Services

Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey

Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey

It is the first company about obtaining work permits for foreign expats to work in Turkey , residence permits for foreigners to live in Turkey , Turkish citizenship and relocation services: with ISO 9001 2008 quality assurance certificate and have been accredited in Turkey. Since 1994 …
Ministry of Labor and Social Security in accordance with the law numbered 4875.

Relocation Services

The foreigners, who come to Turkey, apply us either directly or through the Human Resources departments of their future firms for work permit and residence permit consultations.

Tax Free Cars For Foreigners

Taxfreecar® , is Turkey’s most reliable and only authorized company today about procedures of foreign orders, foreign to foreign tax-free car buying and selling, international truck transportation, customs formalities, traffic registration and other official records jobs authorized by the Undersecretariat of Customs in 1993.

9ekim, the only company having ISO 9001 quality certificate in its field of business, provides service based on mutual respect and trust for its customers within quality standards regardless of the number of foreign personnel employed or the company structure.