We carry out the entire relocation process including that of official institutions (consulates, customs, security directorates, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) both inside and outside Turkey without outsourcing through our staff who have perfect command of legislation and different foreign languages. 9ekim is the one and only company which has ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certificate in its own field of business. A good many of expats who reside in Turkey or leave Turkey chose our firm, which provided them the best possible service.

Our company provides the relocation services to EFES PİLSEN of Anadolu Group. Please see our References to find out more.

Relocation services for foreigners

Our professional staff annually attends education seminars and conferences held by international relocation associations of which we are members. We cooperate with the human resources departments of international companies in order to ensure a smooth process preventing financial and emotional damage. We provide reliable services to expats and their families to prevent them from suffering the difficulties of being in a foreign country.

Our company is a member of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association subject to Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and accredited leading international relocations associations such as WorldwideERC, EURA, AMSA, IAM in the field of relocation and life services.

The relocation process generally begins with pre-arrival orientation. Legal and social aspects of life in Turkey are explained to the individuals and their families or HR department representatives by phone and/or e-mail. If the foreigner is coming to Turkey for employment, samples of documents and flowchart of work permit application procedure is posted to the customer by the manager of 9ekim. However, if the customer is coming to Turkey for the purpose of permanent residence, we describe him the necessary steps to obtain residence permit.

What’s more, the operation department managers of 9ekim travels to the countries of the customers in order to guide them when applying the documents at Turkish Embassy located in that country. Home search is carried out in line with the individual requirements of the customer. We present the real estate photos and descriptions before the live inspection. As a part of our relocations services, we assist you about the lease agreement signing. We search the best office for you and if required, we can also assist you with establishing a new company. On the day of arrival to Turkey, you are met at the airport by operation employees of 9ekim. We also organize post-arrival orientation, which consists of city tours as well as Turkish language and culture studies.

After you have found a suitable home, we complete all the necessary subscriptions for utilities like gas, water, electricity, phone, cable TV, internet connection etc. and every kind of services needed. We also help you with finding suitable furniture and house equipment upon request. You can also use our services for organizing handyman and weekly house-keeping. We care about your children as well and try to find the best school for them, located near your house and where education is given in your native language.

We provide a wide range of relocation services and these mentioned above are the only major issues. Our services does not end until the customer’s departure and we offer you on-going help. Deregistration may seem a complex process, but you can trust us that you will not feel that way.

Acquiring a work permit in Turkey

Work permit applications may be made inside or outside Turkey:

• Foreign citizens who reşide outside Turkey are required to apply to the relevant Turkish Consulate of his/her country of residence/citizenship.

• Foreigners who have a valid residence permit (valid for a minimum of 6 months, except for the residence permits for educational purposes) may apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

All foreigners, who would like to live and/or work in Turkey, have to get a residence permit. Those, who are to work in Turkey, are required to get a residence permit within one month following their arrival in Turkey and before the starting date of their work. Those, who are to live or stay in Turkey for more than the period outlined by visa or permitted by intergovernmental regulations, which is three months at most, have to get a residence permit.

Should you come to Turkey for long-term residence or working purposes, you are required to apply for a residence permit (ikamet tezkeresi) within 30 days following your arrival.

For long-term residence in Turkey, the applicant needs to submit the following documents to the local Police Department:

• 4 passport size photos
• Passport
• Photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the page with the applicant’s photo, the page stamped at the last entry, the page that indicates validity and expiry dates of the passport
• A bank statement or a currency exchange receipt testifying to an asset in the amount of USD 300 for each month

Documents required for application for a residence permit for work purposes:

• 4 passport size photos
• Passport
• Petition written on the company-titled paper
• Photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the page with the applicant’s photo, the page stamped at the last entry, the page indicating the validity and expiry dates of the passport
• The original and one copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Granting period:

The term of the residence permit is determined in regard to the regulations, the provisions of the contracts signed with foreign governments and especially with regard to the request of the applicant. The residence permit lasts for 5 years at most. The term may be shortened or extended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in compliance with the “reciprocity principle”. The residence permit can only be extended four times.

Outsourcing operations to relocation specialists

The term outsourcing describes the transfer of specific business functions to an external supplier, that is to say, companies specialized in providing them. HR departments of international companies are constantly obliged to make use of even more outsourcing by their tasks expanding day by day. Relocation services, which are provided to expats, have become and remain one of the prominent components within Human Resources Department’s operations to outsource.

Relocation is rather a complex process, which requires expertise in different areas such as work permits and visas, house hunting, contract management, immigration, tax and social security, administrative procedures. Therefore it is really difficult to be managed by human resources departments internally. The Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring a smooth integration process; however giving assistance for all the practical day-to-day issues may seem impossible due to the fact that they have their main works on which they have to focus. Therefore, human resources departments of companies prefer transferring relocation services required for their expatriates to an expert in this field, in other words, to a relocation services company.

On the other hand, relocation companies also would like to work with large companies which employ foreign personnel (expatriates). And the statistics also verify this fact, stating that the vast majority (approximately 90%) of clients of relocation companies are large and international companies and as a matter of course, contact person is HR department representative. This cooperation and outsourcing appear to be the most advantageous option for both parties. HR departments of foreign companies generally focus on their main business functions, as a result of which they are only concerned with the work performance of an expat who works in their company. So, the relocation services required by the foreign personnel are outsourced to a relocation company. And furthermore, it is aimed to cooperate with as many international organizations and their HR department’s representatives as possible by relocations companies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Relocation Procedures for HR Departments:

• It quickens the relocations process and provides an opportunity to the expats to get over adaptation process easier
• It enables corporations to focus on main functions, such as maximizing business operations, increase efficiencies, and reduce overall costs.
• By outsourcing relocation procedures, Human Resources Department managers avoid a great waste of time.
• Relocation experts are able to resolve the possible problems that can emerge during the relocation process more effectively than HR department representatives.