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Tax-Free Car Service

Tax Free Car Sales from Foreigner to Foreigner in Turkey

The foreigners who obtained a work permit from Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the foreign students who studied in Turkey (except for course attendees), the foreigners who came in Turkey to live after their retirement in their own countries, the foreign players who currently play in any Turkish club and employees of international journals in Turkey can purchase a tax-free car. The cars purchased as ?tax free? can only be driven by the licence holders and their first-degree relatives.

The cars to be sold from a foreigner to a foreigner can be purchased from a foreigner in Turkey or brought from abroad.

The process is generally as follows: You choose your car from any source (for instance from a web site) or find a car from your own country or abroad. Then it would be good for you to contact any tax-free car consultancy company and get information about the process, which is considerably complicated and there are a lot of details relating to the legal formalities. Therefore it is inevitable to get a consultancy service. In addition, it is not possible to fulfil all the procedures on your own because it requires a licence to carry out such procedures. So it is the best option to transfer all transactions such as tax-free car purchase and sale, transport, r-registration, to a competent and experienced company. The process takes about 1-3 week through the agency of the consulting firm and you can use the tax-free car until the expiration date of blue plate.

Who is Eligible for a Tax-free Car?

The eligible persons to have a tax-free car were determined by relevant regulations in Turkey. According to relevant regulations, the tax-free car is available for:

? The foreigners who have a work permit given by the Ministry of Turkish Labour and Social Security
? The foreign students in Turkey (except for course attendees)
? The foreigners who retired in their own countries but currently reside in Turkey
? The foreign players who play for a Turkish club
? The foreign journalists who work in Turkey

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