Transportation of Household Goods.

International transportation of household goods, which is a complex activity, is one of the essential points of international relocation. Transporting household goods from origin to destination requires a different experience than that of the commercial goods. You will indispensably need professional help in order to overcome the problems that may arise during the relocation process.

Transportation of personal effects requires knowledge and attention. The process may seem complex at first; however all you need to do is to find the correct service provider. 9ekim is just what you are looking for if you need international moving services in Turkey.

Automobile Transportation

International auto transport may seem a complex and tiresome process, however it will make it much easier for you to consider two major points: to find a competent auto shipping company and to choose the most economical service. We know that each car is special for its owner so perform the transportation in the same manner.

Storage and Warehouse Service

A warehouse is a commercial building used by customs, importers, exporters, manufacturers, transport businesses etc. for storing goods. Warehouses, designed for loading and unloading the goods directly from railways, airports or seaports, are mainly large buildings located in the industrial areas.

International Pet Transportation

The international transporting of pets a very different process and not to be considered a simple shipping operation. After all it is about living things. They are quite valuable for their owners and the transportation of pets should be meticulously performed.

Office Moving

We offer you efficient and quick solutions for moving your office. It is very important to ensure a smooth office moving process as far as work continuity is concerned. Office moving process is not only about loading and transporting. Our professional team considers every single detail during the office moving process for your convenience and labour productivity.

Artworks Transportation

It is a very specific and demanding issue to transport artworks for various purposes. It requires great knowledge, competence and experience to move these priceless works. It is inevitable to meet the international standards without fail for a smooth process.

Packing and Unpacking Service

Correct packing is one of the major elements of transporting process in order to ensure the goods not to be damaged at all, which is essential for the transportation to be a success. Packing is often more complex than it may seem. It is very important to select and provide the best materials in terms of measurement and strength. It is of great importance to protect your goods.

Loading and Unloading Services

Loading and unloading are considered the most precarious parts of transporting process. These operations need to be performed by experts using correct tools to ensure safety. Loading and unloading processes can be repeated a few times during transport and require excessive attention. It is the best solution to get assistance from a company for loading – unloading operations.

Fairs and Exhibitions Shipping

The fair and exhibition organizations are dynamic processes, therefore the transporting process of them also requires expertise, quickness and well-planning. Exhibitions may be held at various spots by a company during an organization, which leads to transporting processes to be repeated a few times.

Customs Consultancy

Complex processes of customs clearance are usually confusing and tiresome for non-experts. It makes it even harder for foreigners not to know the language spoken in the country. Furthermore, this causes a great waste of time.From time to time, there may be individual requests, so it would be reasonable to get assistance from a professional customs consultancy company.

Insurance on Request

One of the most crucial elements of the process of shipping is the insurance transaction. Insurance is a guarantee of the qualified transporting process. 9ekim professionally considers all insurance demands from clients as well as transporting service. Our insurance services are being developed completely in line with customer requests.

Other Services

Antique Land Rover Defender Restoration and Export

Antique Land Rover Defender Restoration and Export

9ekim company, provides the restoration Land Rover defender trucks in their own garages at Turkey , providing accessories of these vehicles and exporting them anywhere in the world mostly to United States and Canada

International Car Transport and Custom Service

International vehicle transportation content; in coming and going of cars ,, motorcycles, luxary car, SUV and 4×4 and vintage vehicles of land into and from Turkey , we provide professional service in international transportation by sea, and land and customs clearance since 1993.

Legal Counseling

9ekim provides legal counseling and advocacy services to foreign companies and foreign expats with solution partners in Istanbul and Mugla who know English, German and who are proficient with foreign expats law

9ekim, the only company having ISO 9001 quality certificate in its field of business, provides service based on mutual respect and trust for its customers within quality standards regardless of the number of foreign personnel employed or the company structure.