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Blue Plate Cars

Blue Plate Cars in Turkey

Blue Plate is a term used in reference to the cars which foreign nationals have the right to sell & purchase and drive as long as they have the necessary features indicated in the related laws. This term is used due to the fact that the plates with this special status were blue-coloured in the past. However, the term blue plate gives way to term ?tax-free car? nowadays. Because certain special letter codes (MA-Z) are used instead of blue-coloured plates.

Important Details for Blue Plate Car Owners and for Those Who Want to Purchase a Blue Plate Car.

1. There are no taxes collected for blue plate cars in Turkish Customs. However, according to the weight and model of the vehicle, a deposit must be paid to Turkish Turing and Automobile Foundation.
2. For blue plate cars purchased as tax-free with a temporary exemption, it is mandatory to pay an annual banderol fee (except for declaration certificate holders, members of consulates and NATO)
3. For detailed information relating to the cost of deposit, please contact Turkish Turing and Automobile Foundation.
4. These cars purchased as tax-free with a temporary exemption cannot be driven by persons who are not residing abroad (including Turkish citizens) even if they are given power of attorney. These cars cannot be driven by anyone else, except for first degree relatives of the licence holder, the foreigners whose residence is abroad and a private chauffeur hired by the licence holder. Otherwise, a heavy pecuniary punishment is imposed as required by Article 238 of Customs Law and the tax-free car owner is directly liable to pay this fine.
5. Annual traffic insurance is mandatory for tax-free cars. However, there is no requirement for an optional Collision Damage Waiver (Kasko insurance). And the fee is lower than 50% of the cost paid for taxed automobiles in Turkey.
6. The Turkish spouse of tax-free car owner has the right to drive the car.
7. Even if the taxes are paid, these cars cannot be sold to the Turkish citizens. It is forbidden to import used automobiles in Turkey.
8. Those who will purchase a tax-free car must apply to Turkish Turing and Automobile Foundation one month in advance of the expiration date of blue carnet given by the above mentioned foundation and must declare that they are to work or study etc. in Turkey with necessary documents. Otherwise they are to be fined in accordance with the Customs Law.
9. Those who will purchase a tax-free car must have a driving licence. It is not necessary to change the driving licence obtained from abroad into Turkish driving licence.
10. It is not mandatory for tax free car owners to leave their car at the customs when they travel abroad. (But it is mandatory for the cars with carne de passage)
11. Beneficiaries can go abroad in their tax-free cars. But for Asian countries such as Iran, Turkmenistan, Syria etc. it is mandatory to pay a deposit for the second time. There is no such obligation for Western countries.
12. Vehicles brought from abroad by foreigners may gain tax-free car status in Turkey.
13. The vehicles brought from abroad and unregistered can wait for 3 months at customs on behalf of the owner of the vehicle. Storage cost in warehouse is average USD 5 daily. If there is no action taken about the vehicle within 3 months, the vehicle becomes the property of the state.
14. Those who have dual citizenship holding two passports (one from Turkey and the other from a foreign country) do not have the right to own a tax-free car.
15. The registration, customs and traffic transactions to have a tax-free car must be fulfilled in the Customs Administration at the city of residence. For example, if your work and residence permits are in İzmir, and you purchase the car in Istanbul, the customs and traffic transactions of the tax-free car have to be carried out in Izmir Customs Main Office.
16. 6 months? time is given to the registered cars which come in Turkey for touristic purposes with original foreign plate. At the end of the period, it is not possible to obtain permission for extra 6 months by going out of and coming in Turkey again. However, should the vehicle and its owner stay abroad at least for 6 months, it is possible to obtain extra 6 months? time on their return to Turkey.
17. The vehicles which have come in Turkey with carne de passage cannot be purchased and changed into a tax-free car status by another foreigner. This procedure is prohibited by the custom authorities. These vehicles can only be sold to diplomatic officials and so as to export abroad.
18. Blue-plate vehicles cannot be registered in the name of any company that has local or foreign origin. They have to be registered in the name of a foreign individual. Only one car can be registered in the name of one foreign individual.

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